Tax Services

Tax Audit – we conduct a comprehensive analysis of entire companies, or only specific assets (eg. Real estate). The analyses we conduct  precede transactions associated with the acquisition or sale of companies or assets (sales, contribution in kind). We help to identify the main areas of tax risks and to implement the most effective methods to limit them.

Tax Planning – we provide tax advisory services in the field of reduction of the tax burden on both the activities of strategic importance, as well as the ongoing activities of the companies. Our actions are individually prepared for each of our clients. Every offer and proposal of co-operation is preceded by the business analysis of the customer’s business model that allows us to prepare the most functional and effective tax restructuring.

Transfer Pricing – the scope of our services includes comprehensive advice on the verification of transactions between related parties subject to the obligation of preparing tax documentation, on the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, as well as risk management in the planning stage of transactions between entities in the group. In addition, we prepare benchmark analysis, necessary because of the rules on transfer pricing.

Tax Litigation and Administrative Judicial Proceedings – we substantively  support our clients in disputes with tax authorities at every stage of tax litigations (audit procedure), and of administrative judicial  proceedings.

Income and Property Taxes – we provide support both in terms of ongoing tax advice associated with conducted activities, as well as the optimization of the tax burden, both for legal entities and individuals. We conduct proceedings leading to the recovery of unduly paid income tax as well as tax on civil law transactions.

VAT and Excise Duties – we advise on Goods and Services Tax and Excise Duties, with particular consideration for tax proceedings. We have widespread experience in proceedings with VAT, both in the real estate and fuel sectors. We conduct detailed analyzes and audits to identify fields of risk with regard to VAT.


Penal Fiscal Proceedings

We put special emphasis on the representation of our clients in penal fiscal proceedings. These proceedings require interdisciplinary knowledge – tax law, penal fiscal law, and economic law. Our team has expertise and experience in all these areas.

Court Proceedings

We provide support and representation of our clients in all legal proceedings, included those related to the economic activities, ranging from matters of registration and real estate registration and ending with litigation, particularly in terms of recovery, construction disputes and disputes between partners and shareholders. Our customers are provided with comprehensive services both before the court and the Supreme Court as well as in arbitration proceedings.


M&A, Corporate Restructuring

We assist our Clients in the development and changeover of their corporate structures, including mergers and acquisitions. Our advice also covers consultations and selection of the best possible legal and business solutions, negotiations and implementation of the selected solution.

Contract Law

When drafting contracts and expressing our opinion as to their content, we attempt to find a consensus between Client expectations relating to the given transaction and the choice of legal solutions available to safeguard the Client’s interests. Out contractual advisory services are innovative and far-sighted.

The scope of our contractual advice covers, amongst others:

  • distribution agreements
  • lease contracts in shopping malls
  • licence agreements
  • IT agreements
  • contracts with sportspeople, agents, coaches, image contracts

New Technology Law

Lawyers of the Law Office have extensive experience in advising business operators on the market of new technologies, in particular modern payment systems and telecommunications. Hence, we understand the specific nature of the given business and are able to offer the most advantageous solution.

As part of our practice in the field of new technologies, we offer:

  • the service of drafting implementation agreements, franchise agreements and outsourcing agreements
  • writing contest and promotion rules
  • taking action in the field of data protection, safeguarding business secrets and know-how
  • protection of rights arising under trademarks, patents and industrial designs
  • involvement in civil and criminal proceedings relating to trademarks, patents and industrial designs and infringement of copyright

Advertising Law

The Law Firm advises media houses, PR agencies and advertising agencies.

As part of their professional practice related to the advertising law, lawyers of the Law Firm provide assistance to our Clients in the following areas:

  • expressing opinions on advertising collaterals in terms of their lawfulness, compliance with best practice, fair competition rules and principles of consumer protection
  • drafting and negotiating agreements on advertising services and the related licence contracts, consents for processing of personal data and consents for use of image

Pharmaceutical and Foodstuffs Law

Lawyers of the Law Firm advise companies operating on the market of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional purposes as well as dietary supplements. We offer advice on aspects related to manufacturing and marketing of products as well as admissibility of advertising and forms of product advertising.

Italian Desk

All employees of the Law Firm are fluent in Italian. Employees of the Law Firm have many years of experience in advising Clients based in Italy or having capital ties with the Italian market.

Private Lawyer Subscription Plan

This service is offered to celebrities, artists, sportspeople, managers and executives and businessmen.

The subscription plan covers the following scope of service:

  1. Protection of personal rights – image, honour, privacy (cease and desist letters, potential negotiations with violators – up to the phase of litigation)
  2. Family and inheritance matters (pre-trial advice, first letters)
  3. Disputes (pre-trial negotiations, drafting first pleadings)
  4. Current advice on streamlining /reorganisation of family businesses – succession issues, takeover of shares and control, appointments to governing bodies
  5. Legal protection of consumers
  6. Property insurance cases
  7. Employment – managerial contracts, advising on execution and negotiating managerial contracts, image use contracts, sports contracts
  8. Real property – legal assistance during purchase of residential property
  9. Documents – drafting brief current documents, powers of attorney, requests for payment, etc.

Start Up Subscription Plan

This service is offered to business start-ups.

The subscription plan covers the following scope of service:

  1. Assistance in selecting the best possible legal form of the business
  2. Registration of the business in the registry, courts and other institutions
  3. Assistance in registration of trademarks and patents
  4. Regular legal advisory services – a limit of 10 hours per month as part of the subscription plan – drafting contracts and expressing opinion on contracts, registration of changes and annual/interim reports in the National Court Register (KRS), drafting resolutions of governing bodies and minutes of meetings
  5. Advice on the policy of privacy and protection of personal data
  6. Advice on employee and personal matters
  7. Assistance in setting up branches and offshore companies
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